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get BRAND NEW, always up to date COMPUTERS, from £31 per MONTH

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The big capital outlay is gone, you just pay a fixed monthly amount and we do the rest. We look after it, we keep it working, we keep it up to date, and in 3 years you get a new one.

  • Always Up to date Kit

    Brand new computers, full protected and guaranteed, replaced every three years

  • Courtesy machine

    If your machine ever needs fixing, you can have a courtesy machine so you can just keep on working

  • Same Day Turnaround

    Our Zero Hassle guarantee gives you same day turn around, with all your data and programs ready to go

  • Fully Protected

    All your data, information and programs are protected and backed up, so switching to a new machine is painless

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Who Are We?

Computers for life is about taking all the hassle away from you. It's convenience. It's helping you get on with running your business and getting more stuff done.

We believe everyone deserves a computer that's fit for the job they are doing, but understand the financial and time constraints on small businesses - we've been one ourselves for over 10 years!

That's why Computers 4 Life exists, to help you as a business owner keep all your computers up to date and looked after for a fixed monthly amount. Your computers have now become an easy to manage operating expense rather than a lump sum capital expense.


Extras, to make your life extra easy...

It's not just sorting your new computer out for you, we've also got a whole range of extra's to make your life with your I.T. pain free - and they are all on a simple monthly basis too, just like your new computer!

Here's a few ideas, but ask us about anything you want to do and we'll find a way to help...

  • E-Mail

    All your email looked after securely and simply… so it just works for you how and when you want it…

  • Backups

    Your entire computer backed up securely and seamlessly in the cloud… Should the worst happen, we’ll get you back up, as you were within a few short hours…

  • Courtesy Computer

    If you ever need any work doing on your computer, we’ll provide you with a courtesy computer so you just keep on working…

  • Support

    With Full IT support for you and your business, we’re there looking out for you, keeping a pro-active eye on your computer and on the end of the phone for if you need anything.

What Other People Say About Us:

Computers 4 life is for Business owners

You pay a fixed monthly amount, and for that we build your computer for you, we bring it to you, we set it up for you, we look after it for you, and then we give you a new one in 3 years time.

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